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Why Philosophy Matters for the Study of Religion--and Vice Versa

Lewis, Thomas A.
Oxford University Press UK
HB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 192 pages| ISBN 9780198744740
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Work in philosophy of religion is still strongly marked by an excessive focus on Christianity and, to a lesser extent, Judaism ? almost to the exclusion of other religious traditions. Moreover, in many cases it has been confined to a narrow set of intellectual problems, without embedding these in their larger social, historical, and practical contexts. Why Philosophy Matters for the Study of Religion?and Vice Versa addresses this situation through a series of interventions intended to work against the gap that exists between much scholarship in philosophy of religion and important recent developments that speak to religious studies as a whole.

This volume takes up what, in recent years, has often been seen as a fundamental reason for excluding religious ethics and philosophy of religion from religious studies: their explicit normativity. Against this presupposition, Thomas A. Lewis argues that normativity is pervasive?not unique to ethics and philosophy of religion?and therefore not a reason to exclude them from religious studies. Lewis bridges more philosophical and historical subfields by arguing for the importance of history to the philosophy of religion. He considers the future of religious ethics, explaining that the field as whole should learn from the methodological developments associated with recent work in comparative religious ethics and 'comparative religious ethics' should no longer be conceived as a distinct subfield. The concluding chapter engages broader, post-9/11 arguments about the importance of studying religion arguing, that prominent contemporary notions of 'religious literacy' actually hinder our ability to grasp religion's significance and impact in the world today.


Introduction: Mind the Gap: Or, Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies
1: Landscapes, Lacunae, and Prospects
2: On the Role of Normativity in Religious Studies
3: History in the Future of the Philosophy of Religion
4: Beyond Comparative Religious Ethics
5: Against Religious Literacy
Conclusion: Hegel or Nietzsche?
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LaBible's Review

<2016년 6월 10일 진규선 목사님의 리뷰>

종교철학적 작업이 기독교에 과도하게, 유대교에 일부, 그리고 다른 종교 전통들은 거의 배제된 상태다. 게다가 사회적, 역사적, 실천적 영역이 아닌 지적 영역이 협소한 관심에 종교철학이 묶여있다. 저자인 토마스 A. 루이스(Thomas A. Lewis)는 종교 연구로부터 종교 윤리와 종교철학이 배제된 이러한 현 상황의 문제의 원인이 ‘지나친 표준’이라는 관점에 반대하며, 상호관계를 다시금 이으려고 노력하며, 현대 사회에 새롭게 대두되는 ‘종교문맹’(Religious literacy)의 문제를 극복을 위한 논증을 펼친다. - SuaFam

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