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Zondervan Bible Commentary: One-Volume Illustrated Ed.

F. F. 브루스 | Bruce, F. F.
Zondervan Publishing House
HB ?| 7.8 x 9.3 x 2.1 Inch| 1.92 kg| 1696 pages| ISBN 9780310262640
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Zondervan Bible Commentary 기존의 New International Bible Commentary 다양한 컬러 이미지와 자료들을 추가하여, 훌륭한 단권의 주석서로 탄생하였다. 43명의 세계적인 석학들의 통찰력이 깃든 본서는, 실용적이고도 정보가 넘치는 도서로 성경의 권에 담긴 의미와 메시지를 풀어나가며, 더욱 깊이 있고 삶을 변화시키는 성경해석이 가능하도록 도와준다.




l       풍부한 컬러 사진, 지도, 차트, 연대기 자료

l       주요 성경어휘와 구절에 대한 이해를 돕는, 저명한 학자들의 주석

l       사이드 추가설명

-          Going Deeper: 문화적, 역사적, 신학적 정보

-          Reflection: 성경을 실제 생활에 적용할 있도록 배려

-          Shadows: 신약을 예견하는 구약 부분을 집중조명

-          Echoes: Shadows 비슷하게, 구약과 연관된 신약부분을 다룸

-          The Conversation: 루터, 어거스틴, 칼빈과 같은 역사적 인물의 원문 인용

l       Today’s New International Version (TNIV) 텍스트 사용

l       서지정보 추가

Synopsis: This commentary takes the award-winning New International Bible Commentary to the next level with a wealth of full-color images; sidebars filled with information, real-life applications, and quotes from historical figures; expanded bibliographies; and Today’s New International Version translation.

The Zondervan Bible Commentary takes its award-winning predecessor, the New International Bible Commentary, and weaves in rich, full-color images and other new features to make it the finest one-volume commentary of its kind. Featuring the insights of forty-three world-class scholars, this convenient, information-packed volume unlocks the meaning and message of every book of the Bible to help you gain a deeper, life-changing understanding of the Scriptures.
Features include: ? A wealth of full-color photographs, maps, charts, and timelines ? Commentaries by foremost scholars help you grasp the meanings of Bible passages and the significance of key biblical words ? Sidebars o “Going Deeper” with cultural, historical, and theological information o “Reflection” helping you apply the Scriptures to real life o “Shadows” spotlighting Old Testament
foreshadowing of the New Testament o “Echoes”?similar to “Shadows,” revealing New Testament references to the Old Testament o “The Conversation” containing quotes on the text from historic figures such as Luther, Augustine, and Calvin ? Uses Today’s New International Version (TNIV) for Bible text references?timeless truth in today’s language ? Expanded bibliographies

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