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Politics - According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture

웨인 그루뎀 | Grudem, Wayne
Zondervan Publishing House
HB ?| 7.7 x 9.5 x 1.9 Inch| 1.24 kg| 624 pages| ISBN 9780310330295
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본서는 성경에 비추어 근대 정치적 이슈들을 이해하는데 도움을 주는 포괄적 자료를 제시하는 책이다. 일부에서는 기본 원리들을 제시한다. 즉 일장에서 기독교인들과 정부에 관해 잘못된 5 가지 견해를 제시하고 이장에서 더 좋은 해결책으로서 정부에 영향을 미칠 수 있는 내용을 제시한다. 삼장에서 정부에 대한 성경적 원칙들을 제시한다. 사장에서 성경적 세계관을, 오장에서 한 국가에서 사용하는 법원과 권한 사용에 대한 질문들을 다룬다. 이부에서는 특정한 이슈들을 다루는데 삶을 보호하는 것, 결혼, 가족, 경제, 환경, 국방, 외교정책, 언론 자유, 종교 자유, 특정한 그룹들을 다룬다. 삼부에서 결론적 내용들을 다루는데 미디어 편향의 문제, 미국의 현재 정책들에 대해 적용하는 것, 신앙과 행위, 정치와 정부에서 활동하는 동안 하나님을 신뢰하기 등의 문제들을 다룬다. YGM

Politics - According to the Bible is a readable, comprehensive political philosophy, arguing for Christian involvement based on biblical teachings and a Christian worldview. Covering over 50 specific issues relating to protection of life, marriage, family, economics, environment, national defense, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and special interest groups … this sweeping resource is a must-read for today’s Christians.

A variety of perspectives exist within the Christian community when it comes to political issues and political involvement. This comprehensive and readable book presents a political philosophy from the perspective that the Gospel pertains to all of life so Christians should be involved in political issues. In brief, this is an analysis of conservative and liberal plans to do good for the nation, evaluated in light of the Bible and common sense. In this ground-breaking book, recognized evangelical Bible professor Wayne Grudem rejects five mistaken views about Christian influence on politics: (1) “compel religion,” (2) “exclude religion,” (3) “all government is demonic,” (4) “do evangel-ism, not politics,” and (5) “do politics, not evangelism.”
He proposes a better alternative: (6) “significant Christian influence on government.”
Then he explains the Bible’s teachings about the purpose of civil government and the characteristics of good or bad government. Does the Bible support some form of democracy? Should judges and the courts hold the ultimate power in a nation? With respect to specific political issues, Grudem argues that most people’s political views depend on deep-seated assumptions about several basic moral and even theological questions, such as whether God exists, whether absolute moral standards can be known, whether there is good and evil in each person’s heart, whether people should be accountable for their good and bad choices, whether property should belong to individuals or to society, and whether the purpose of the earth’s resources is to bring benefit to mankind. After addressing these foundational questions, Grudem provides a thoughtful, carefully-reasoned analysis of over fifty specific issues dealing with the protection of life, marriage, the family and children, economic issues and taxation, the environment, national defense, relationships to other nations, freedom of speech and religion, quotas, and special interests. He makes frequent application to the current policies of the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States, but the principles discussed here are relevant for any nation.

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