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LSTS (JSPSup) 071: Gleanings from the Caves: Dead Sea Scrolls and Artifacts from the Schøyen Collection

Elgvin, Torleif(ed)
Bloomsbury T&T Clark
HB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 508 pages| ISBN 9780567113009
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This special edition large format LSTS volume publishes ten biblical and five non-biblical fragments from the Judean Desert, more than half of them for the first time. The fragments will be published with 42 adjoining photographs (including a four-page colour plate section).

The publication of seven new fragments from the Judean Desert will supplement the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert series and update scholars on the full textual situation. Two of the new biblical fragments preserve substantial textual variants. The new Aramaic fragment demonstrates interesting linguistic forms.

The book will include a 10 page essay by Martin Schøyen about how he tracked down and acquired Judean Desert fragments and artifacts from 1994, and another (15-20 pages) by Hanan Eshel on the present state of affairs with regard to Judean Desert fragments in private hands.

The manifold material included in this volume will give the reader a comprehensive picture of texts and artifacts from Qumran seen together.

The fragments are as follows:

Biblical fragments


First edition: 4QLeviticusi, 4QSamueld, 4QDeuteronomyt, 4QTwelwe prophetsh,

New (additional) fragments of 4QPsalmsq, 4QExodusc,

Improved edition of: XJudges frg 3, 4QJoshuac, 1QDanielb, 4QJoshuac,

Apochryphal fragments: 4QTobita ar (reedition), 1QapocrGenesis (reedition)

Other fragments: 1QSb (Rule of Blessings, reedition), 11QTemplea, 4QAramaic frg

The book will also include images and discussion of the following items, probably deriving from the Qumran site:

Incense altar, inkwell, scroll jar, palm leaf stylus, sandal sole, scroll wrapping. These items will be presented in the context of the Qumran site and relevant contemporary material parallels from the Levant.





Torleif Elgvin, assoc. prof., Biblical and Jewish Studies, Evangelical Lutheran University College, Oslo.

Hanan Eshel, prof. Archaeology and Land of Israel Studies, Bar Ilan University.

Esther Eshel, assoc. prof., Land of Israel Studies, Bar Ilan University.

Stephen Pfann, Dean, University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem.

Stephen Goransson, prof., Duke University.

Michaela Hallermayer, Ph.D., University of Freiburg.


Biblical fragments (T. Elgvin, H. and E. Eshel)

Apocryphal and other fragments (T. Elgvin, H and E. Eshel, M. Hallermayer)

Artifacts probably deriving from Qumran:

Incense altar (T. Elgvin, S. Pfann)

Inkwell (S. Goransson)

Scroll jar (H. Eshel, T. Elgvin)

Palm pen, sandal (H. Eshel)

“How I found and acquired fragments and artifacts from Qumran” (M. Schøyen)

“On Judean Desert fragments in private hands” (H. Eshel)

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