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Introducing the Womens Hebrew Bible: Feminism, Gender Justice, and the Study of the Old Testament

Scholz, Susanne
Bloomsbury T&T Clark
PB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 176 pages| ISBN 9780567663368
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Introducing the Women's Hebrew Bible is an up-to-date feminist introduction to the historical, socio-political, and academic developments of feminist biblical scholarship.

In the second edition of this popular text Susanne Scholz offers new insights into the diverse field of feminist studies on the Hebrew Bible. Scholz provides a new introductory survey of the history of feminism more broadly, giving context to its rise in biblical studies, before looking at the history and issues as they relate specifically to feminist readings and readers of the Hebrew Bible. Scholz then presents the life and work of several influential feminist scholars of the Bible, outlining their career paths and the characteristics of their work. The volume also outlines how to relate the Bible to sexual violence and feminist postcolonial demands. Two new chapters further delineate recent developments in feminist biblical studies. One chapter addresses the relationship between feminist exegesis and queer theory as well as masculinity studies. Another chapter problematizes the gender discourse as it has emerged in the Christian Right's approaches to the Old Testament.


1. From the "Woman's Bible" to the "Women's Bible": The History of Feminist Approaches to the Hebrew Bible
2. A Career As a Feminist Biblical Scholar: Four Stories
3. Gendering the Hebrew Bible: Methodological Considerations
4. Rape, Enslavement and Marriage: Sexual Violence in the Hebrew Bible
5. Ruth, Jezebel and Rahab As "Other" Women: Integrating Postcolonial Perspectives
6. Denaturalizing the Gender Binary: Queer and Masculinity Studies as Integral to Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics
7. Essentializing "Woman": Three Neoliberal Strategies in Christian Right's Interpretations on Women in the Bible
8. Conclusions
Index of References
Index of Authors
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