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Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire, the

Hahn, Scott W.
Baker Academic (Short Discount)
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 272 pages| ISBN 9780801039478
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본서는 역대기 상하에 대한 신학적 주석서이다. 본서는 서론에서 기록으로서의 역대기, 역대기의 언약적 세계관, 역사의 유형론적 해석, 정경의 이중 양태, 하나님의 역사로서의 역대기 등을 언급하고 있다. 특히 세속적이고 제사장적인 신명기적 양태와 제사장적인 면만 있는 레위기와 같은 양태가 있다는 것이다. 본론에서 포로시대와 회복의 시기에 은혜의 족보 이야기가 있으며 다윗과 그의 왕국이 일어남, 다윗과 맺은 하나님의 언약, 성전-왕국 시대의 시작, 성전 시대의 신정, 다윗가의 분열, 포로와 귀환 등의 제목으로 본서를 구성하고 있다. 신학적 해석과 주석이 마지막에 추가되고 있는데 모두가 기독교적 해석을 하고 있다는 점이 고유한 성경 이해 방법임을 보여주고 있다. YGM

Chronicles offers the first attempt to understand and interpret the entire sweep of Old Testament history from the creation of the world to the Israelites' return from exile. This commentary on 1-2 Chronicles shows how the author of Chronicles reads the Old Testament as the first canonical critic; as such, the Chonicler is the first biblical theologian. Scott Hahn identifies in the Chonicler's work a decisive biblical worldview and highlights the Abrahamic key to the Chronicler's narrative. He also explores how Chronicles provides readers with important insights into key New Testament concepts such as Jerusalem, Zion, the Temple, the church, the Kingdom, and the messianic identification of Christ as King and Priest. In fact, Chronicles is the only work in the Old Testament to use the expression Kingdom of God. The Abrahamic key helps readers see the importance of the Abrahamic covenant in the theology of the New Testament.

Hahn presents 1-2 Chronicles as a liturgical and theological interpretation of Israel's history, emphasizing the liturgical structure and content of Chronicles and providing fresh insight on salvation history: past, present, and future. The book gives professors, students, and pastors a better understanding of Chronicles, salvation history, and theological interpretation of the Old Testament.


"Now the Records Are Ancient": An Introduction to Chronicles
1 Chronicles
1. Chronicle of All Divine History: A Genealogy of Grace in a Time of Exile and Restoration (1 Chr. 1-9)
2. Highly Exalted for the Sake of His People Israel: The Rise of David and His Kingdom (1 Chr. 10-16)
3. His Throne Shall be Established Forever: God's Covenant with King David (1 Chr. 17)
4. God Gives Rest to His People: The Beginnings of the Temple-Kingdom Age (1 Chr. 18-29)
2 Chronicles
5. Liturgy and Empire: Theocracy in the Temple Age (2 Chr. 1-9)
6. In Rebellion Since That Day: After the House of David Is Divided (2 Chr. 10-28)
7. Exile and Return: The Fall and Rise of the Kingdom (2 Chr. 29-36)
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