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Ethics for Christian Ministry: Moral Formation for Twenty-First-Century Leaders

Trull, Joe E.|Creech, R. Robert.
Baker Academic
PB ?| 600 x 9 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 288 pages| ISBN 9780801098314
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This one-of-a-kind resource in professional ethics helps Christian leaders maintain a high moral character and lifestyle and sharpen their personal and professional decision-making skills amid the rapidly changing landscape of the contemporary church.

Joe Trull and Robert Creech bring together their experience as teachers and pastors to address both current and perennial ethical issues and offer guidance for developing a personal code of ethics to maintain integrity in the work of ministry. The authors address the nature of ethical decision making as well as practical areas where integrity can be compromised, including issues raised by the use of smartphones and social media.

Ethics for Christian Ministry will be useful for professors and students in practical ministry, pastoral care, and ministerial ethics classes as well as pastors involved in local church ministry.


1. Walking with Integrity: A Profession or a Calling?
2. Being Good and Doing Good:
Moral Formation for Ministry
3. Looking in the Mirror:
Integrity in Your Personal Life
4. Looking at the Church:
Integrity in Your Ministry
5. Looking at Fellow Ministers:
Integrity with Your Colleagues
6. Promoting Peace and Justice:
Integrity in the Community
7. Facing Clergy Sexual Abuse:
The Cost of Lost Integrity
8. Developing a Personal Code of Ethics:
A Plan for Integrity in Ministry
Ministerial Code of Ethics Worksheet
Appendix A: A Procedure for Responding to Charges of Clergy Sexual Abuse
Appendix B: Early Denominational Codes of Ethics
Appendix C: Contemporary Denominational Codes of Ethics
Appendix D: Sample Codes of Ethics
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