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Pentecostalism as a Christian Mystical Tradition

Castelo, Daniel
Eerdmans Publishing Co, WM. B.
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 214 pages| ISBN 9780802869562
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Informed reassessment of Pentecostalism as a mystical tradition of the church universal

Pentecostalism, says Daniel Castelo, is commonly framed as "evangelicalism with tongues" or dismissed as simply a revivalist movement. In this book Castelo argues that Pentecostalism is actually best understood as a Christian mystical tradition.

Taking a theological approach to Pentecostalism, Castelo looks particularly at the movement's methodology and epistemology as he carefully distinguishes it from American evangelicalism. Castelo displays the continuity between Pentecostalism and ancient church tradition, creating a unified narrative of Pentecostalism and the mystical tradition of Christianity throughout history and today. Finally, he uses a test case to press the question of what the interactions between mystical theology and dogmatics could look like.
Leah Payne
-- George Fox University
"Daniel Castelo's vision of Pentecostalism as a mystical tradition of the church catholic has power to inspire practitioners in the movement by releasing it from the bonds of American Protestantism and allowing its transcendent theological and practical qualities to freely blossom. A must-read for anyone who wishes to gain insight into the ever-evolving movement called Pentecostalism."

Oliver Davies
-- King's College London
"This is a powerful statement of the depth at which Pentecostalism belongs to the Christian church as a whole. Wide-ranging, engaging, and accessible, this book will open new windows on the worldwide phenomenon of Pentecostalism for many readers, whatever their background. Rarely has Pentecostalism had such a passionate and articulate advocate of its centeredness in deep Christian tradition."

Amos Yong
-- Fuller Theological Seminary
"There are apologetic claims in this book, about Pentecostalism and mysticism, and even about evangelicalism, that will be provocative on all three fronts. But all who have a vested interest in the Pentecostal and evangelical movements must hereafter grapple with Daniel Castelo's work, particularly if they are also committed to Christian life in the Spirit."

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