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Uncommon Decency, Rev. and Exp. Ed.: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World

Mouw, Richard J.
InterVarsity Press (US)
PB ?| 5.5 x 8.25 x 0 Inch| 0.25 kg| 187 pages| ISBN 9780830833092
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Can Christians act like Christians even when they disagree? In these wild and diverse times, right and left battle over the airwaves, prolifers square off against prochoicers, gay liberationists confront champions of the traditional family, artists and legislators tangle, even Christians fight other Christians whose doctrines aren't "just so."

Richard Mouw has been actively forging a model of Christian civil conversation with those we might disagree with?atheists, Muslims, gay activists and more. He is concerned that, too often, Christians have contributed more to the problem than to the solution. But he recognizes?from his dialogues with those from many perspectives?that it's not easy to hold to Christian convictions and treat sometimes vindictive opponents with civility and decency.

Few if any people in the evangelical world have conversed as widely and sensitively as Mouw. So few can write more wisely or helpfully than Mouw does here about what Christians can appreciate about pluralism, the theological basis for civility, and how we can communicate with people who disagree with us on the issues that matter most.

Features & Benefits

  • Helps you learn to talk to and better understand people of other faiths
  • Helps you understand how the gospel calls us to live in a pluralistic world
  • Helps you learn how to talk to and better understand people with sexual ethics different than yours
  • Makes a great tool for pastors and laypeople alike
  • Thoroughly updated and revised throughout
  • Includes new chapters on carrying out civil conversations on politics and doctrinal disagreements


1. Convicted Civility: Can We Be Faithful & Polite Too?
2. What Christian Civility Is Not
3. Defending Christian Civility
4. Speaking in God’s Presence: The Importance of Civil Speech
5. Open Hearts: The Importance of Civil Attitudes
6. The Spiritual Underpinnings
7. What’s Good About Pluralism?
8. How to Be Civil About Sex
9. The Challenge of Other Religions
10. Christian Leadership in a Pluralistic World
11. When There Is No “On the Other Hand”: The Limits of Civility
12. Is Hell Uncivil?
13. Abraham Kuyper, Meet Mother Teresa: The Problem of Triumphalism
14. Serving a Slow God: Civility and the End of Time
Afterword: A Civil Hug
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