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Redemptive History and Biblical Interpretation

Vos, Geerhardus.//
P&R Publishing Company
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Emphasizing the historical character of biblical revelation, Vos was able to clarify the pervasive meaning of Scripture by bringing into view its basic structure. Far from an array of isolated prooftexts, the Bible was, for Vos, an organism ? its rich diversity giving unaminous expression of its redemptive message. In Redemptive History and Biblical Interpretation, the shorter writings of this famed theologian have been gathered under one cover. The reader will discover here numerous major biblical and theological studies, selected addresses, and book reviews, as well as a 13-page bibliography of Vos’s writings.


Table of Contents

Preface vii
Introduction ix
Major Biblical And Theological Studies
I. The Idea of Biblical Theology as a Science and as a Theological Discipline 3
II. Eschatology of the New Testament 25
III. The Range of the Logos Title in the Prologue to the Fourth Gospel 59
IV. The Eschatological Aspect of the Pauline Conception of the Spirit 91
V. The Priesthood of Christ in the Epistle to the Hebrews 126
VI. Hebrews, the Epistle of the Diatheke 161
VII. The Doctrine of the Covenant in Reformed Theology 234
Shorter Biblical Studies
VIII. Some Doctrinal Features of the Early Prophecies of Isaiah 271
IX. Jeremiah's Plaint and Its Answer 288
X. The Ministry of John the Baptist 299
XI. The Kingdom of God 304
XII. Our Lord's Doctrine of the Resurrection 317
XIII. Modern Dislike of the Messianic Consciousness in Jesus 324
XIV. The Ubiquity of the Messiahship in the Gospels 333
XV. "True" and "Truth" in the Johannine Writings 343
XVI. The Idea of "Fulfillment" of Prophecy in the Gospels 352
XVII. The Theology of Paul 355
XVIII. The Pauline Conception of Reconciliation 361
XIX. The Pauline Conception of Redemption 366
XX. The Sacrificial Idea in Paul's Doctrine of the Atonement 372
XXI. The Alleged Legalism in Paul's Doctrine of Justification 383
XXII. "Covenant" or "Testament"? 400
XXIII. The Biblical Importance of the Doctrine of Preterition 412
XXIV. The Second Coming of Our Lord and the Millennium 415
XXV. The Scriptural Doctrine of the Love of God 425
XXVI. Christian Faith and the Truthfulness of Bible History 458
Book Reviews
XXVII. Gereformeerde Dogmatiek 475
XXVIII. Gereformeerde Dogmatiek--Vol. Two 485
XXIX. Die Erwahlung Israels nach der Heilsverkundigung des Apostels Paulus 494
XXX. Die Bedeutung des lebendigen Christus fur die Rechtfertigung nach Paulus 499
XXXI. The Theology of the New Testament 503
XXXII. Jesus and the Gospel: Christianity Justified in the Mind of Christ 509
XXXIII. The Quest of the Historical Jesus: A Critical Study of Its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede 517
XXXIV. Paul and His Interpreters: A Critical History 526
XXXV. Kyrios Christos: Geschichte des Christusglaubens von den Anfangen des Christenthums bis Irenaeus 534
Bibliography 547
Index Of Scripture 561
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LaBible's Review

"An important publishing venture..., for it makes available a large number of writings of a notable hologian whichhad previously been difficult to obtain.... especially our ministers, but also all those who are interested in theology, ought to purchase this book."


"There are great riches in this volume for the student of theology. All who are convinced of the importance of biblical theology and thoroughgoing scholarship will prize this collection"


“Dr. Gaffin has made valuable articles available to people who might never have tackled one of Vos’s larger works. . . . the book belongs in theological libraries, but it might well be given to young ministers beginning their libraries, as well as general readers interested in the Reformed faith.”

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