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Contemporary Muslim-Christian Encounters: Developments, Diversity and Dialogues

Hedges, Paul
Bloomsbury Academic
PB ?| 6.1 x 9.1 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 272 pages| ISBN 9781350022539
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Contemporary Muslim-Christian Encounters: Developments, Diversity and Dialogues addresses the key issues in the present day global encounter between Christians and Muslims. Divided into two parts, the first examines theoretical issues and concerns which affect dialogue between the two traditions. The second part highlights case studies from around the world. Chapters come from established scholars including Reuven Firestone, Douglas Pratt and Clinton Bennett, emerging scholars, as well as practitioner perspectives. Highlighting the diversity within the field of "Christian-Muslim" encounter, case studies cover examples from the US and globally, and include dialogue in the US post 9/11, Nigerian Muslims and Christians, and Christian responses to Islamophobia in the UK.Covering unique areas and those not explored in detail elsewhere, Contemporary Muslim-Christian Encounters: Developments, Diversity and Dialogues will be of interest to advanced students, researchers, and interfaith professionals. - See more at:


Preface, Leonard Swidler (Temple University, USA)Forward, Alan Race (University of Winchester, UK)1. Dialogue before Dialogue, David Thomas (University of Birmingham, UK)2. The Contemporary Context of Muslim-Christian Dialogue, Paul Hedges (University of Winchester, UK)3. Can those Chosen by God Dialogue with Others?, Reuven Firestone (University of Southern California and Hebrew Union College, USA)4. Interreligious Dialogue as Lay, Institutional, and Academic: Muslim Perspectives, Khaleel Mohammed (San Diego State University, USA)5. Gender and Muslim-Christian Dialogue, Anne Hege Grung (University of Oslo, Norway)6. Applying Sharia Principles of Religious Tolerance to the Protection of Children: Nigerian Religious Conflict and Reconciliation amongst Muslims and Christians, Yusuff J. Amuda (International Islamic University, Malaysia)7. Peace-building Through Interfaith Dialogues: The DRC Model, Jean-Daniel Kabati (University of Kwazalu Natal, South Africa)8. Initiative and Response: The Future of Muslim-Christian Dialogue, Douglas Pratt (University of Waikato, New Zealand, and University of Bern, Switzerland)9. Christian Responses to Islamophobia, Ray Gaston (Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, UK)10. Christian Muslim Relations in the USA: A Postmodern Analysis after 9/11, Clinton Bennett (State University of New York, USA)11. 'Bringing Faith Back In': Muslim and Christian Approaches to Nuclear (Non-)Proliferation and Disarmament, Shirin Shafaie (School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, UK)12. Vatican and World Council of Church Initiatives: Weaving Interreligious Threads on Ecumenical Looms, Clare Amos (World Council of Churches)BibliographyIndex - See more at:
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