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BAM Global Movement: Business As Mission Concept & Stories

Gort, Gea|Tunehag, Mats
Hendrickson Publishers
HB ?| 5.5 x 8.5 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 200 pages| ISBN 9781683070870
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Business as Mission (BAM) is a growing global movement. Christians active in the arena of business, charity, and church are on a journey to integrate business and holistic mission. But what exactly is BAM? In this book, Gea Gort and Mats Tunehag explain the BAM concept through theory and theology, with stories to show what it looks like in real life. The authors explain that Business as Mission is an expression of a much broader movement. Ideas regarding mission, church, and charity are shifting, and a growing number of Christians are aiming for a missional way of living out the whole incarnated gospel in their daily lives where they work and live.

The inspiring stories of thirty practitioners active on all continents provide insight into how gospel shalom can be shared in innovative and practical ways in challenging settings: in developing nations, secularized Western cities, or even closed countries. This book will not only capture your mind and heart as you learn about Business as Mission in theory and praxis, but it will also give you a broad overview of this remarkable movement. This book provides insight into this global movement and is of interest for a broad range of people: pioneers, early adapters and leaders within church, mission, and business, but also for Bible schools and universities.


Foreword Albert M. Erisman xiii

Preface Gea Gort Mats Tunehag xix

Acknowledgments Gea Gort Mats Tunehag xxi

Part I BAM in Light of a Broader Movement Gea Gort

Introduction 3

Moroccan Faouzi Chihabi (The Netherlands): A Restaurant with a Mission 4

1 Did We Shrink the Gospel? Rediscovering the Scope of God's Mission 9

Georges Dubi (Switzerland): Mission Organization Develops Business to Rebuild Countries 13

Arleen Westerhof (The Netherlands): "We Have a Mandate to Act" 17

2 The Waves of a Theology of Work Movement: Historical and Eternal Perspectives on Work 20

Corrie Acorda-De Boer (Philippines): Teaching Kidpreneurship in Manila's Slums 24

3 From Donating to Investing: Down the Ladder, in Touch with Brokenness 30

Randy White (Fresno, California): Building a Faith- Based Social Business Movement in the City 33

Joe White (Fresno, California): A Church Based on Business-A Way to Get Entangled with the Neighborhood 38

4 Embracing the Local in a Global World: Toward a Theology of Place 41

Project Developer Norbert Tews (Berlin): Community Center Serves Upper-Class Neighborhood 45

Church Planter Johannes van den Akker (Amsterdam): A Contemporary Monastery Starts a Brewery 49

5 In Community, for Community: From Individualism to Community 53

Piet Brinksma (Amsterdam): Church Denomination Moves toward a Holistic Perspective 56

Jonathan Hall (Florida/Brazil): Weaving and Planting BAM within a Church Denomination 60

Part II BAM Concept Explained Mats Tunehag

Introduction 67

David Skews (United Kingdom): Being Globally Involved-"The Other Side of the Coin" 72

6 Wealth Creation: A Godly Gift and Command 78

Don Larson (Mozambique): Building Food Factories in Developing Nations to Bring Lasting Transformation 80

7 God Restores the Marketplace 86

Achim (Central Asia): Business-A Natural Way to Share, Show, and Disciple 89

8 Business as Mission: A Biblical Perspective 96

Courtney Rountree Mills (Kenya): Training Entrepreneurs to Integrate Faith with Work and Grow Their Business 100

9 Business as Mission and the Three Mandates 108

Paulo Humaita (Brazil): Business as Mission Accelerating in Brazil 111

10 Business as Mission in History 115

Anne Leune (Norway): A Company Makes a Difference in a Rural Community 118

11 Business as Mission Is Bigger Than You Think (Part 1) 121

Marc and Sarah (Asia): Teaching Values in Tune with God's Good Intentions 124

12 Business as Mission Is Bigger Than You Think (Part 2) 128

Melodic Cochran (Los Angeles): It Starts with Identity-Knowing Who We Are in Christ 132

13 Business as Mission Can Be Smelly 136

Dougald Bates (Central Asia): Expressing the Depth and Richness of the Gospel through Agriculture 138

14 Business as Mission Is a Centrifugal Force 145

Paul Unsworth (London): Reinventing Church Downtown in Multicultural London 146

15 Chronos and Kairos 151

Patrick McDonald (Oxford): Being Globally Involved- Scaling God's Mission 153

16 Business without Mission: Not Good for Long-Term Impact 159

Kees de Zwart (The Netherlands) and John (Asia): Being Available and Staying Close to Jesus 162

17 Business as Mission: Terminology and Content 169

Chris Dakas (Albania/Vie Balkans): Engaging the Culture through Business 172

18 Wall Street versus BAM Street 176

Chuck Welden and Mark Wesson (Birmingham, Alabama): Real Businesses Competing for Real Investors to Make Real Impact 178

19 Business as Mission and Human Trafficking 183

Ryan and Andrea Crozier (Romania): Empowering Locals to Battle Injustice 186

20 Business as Mission: A Modern Movement with Historical Roots and a Global Scope 190

Sam Cho (South Korea): Learning from the South Korean BAM Movement 195

21 Business as Mission and the Olive Tree 199

22 Pray through Your Business with Saint Patrick 201


Appendix 1 Wealth Creation Manifesto 205

Appendix 2 Consultation on Wealth Creation-Background and Context 207

Bibliography 212

Author Biographies 224

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