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Introduction to Biblical Greek Workbook: Elementary Syntax and Linguistics

Harris, Dana M.
Zondervan Publishing House
PB ?| 8.5 x 10.98 x 0.47 Inch| 0.5 kg| 208 pages| ISBN 9780310108603
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성경 원문을 읽기 위해서는 기본 문법을 넘는 구문론에 대한 이해가 필요하지만 그 자체가 장벽이 되기도 한다. 그런 의미에서 본서는 구문론의 기초와 언어학적 연구 성과를 어렵지 않게 제시하여, 원문 이해에 큰 도움을 줄 것이다. 저자는 최근에 발행된 EGGNT 히브리서의 저자이기도 하다. HW

A unique, student-friendly, and linguistically up-to-date approach for learning first-year biblical Greek that will appeal to students and professors in colleges, universities, and seminaries around the world.

Used in conjunction with the accompanying textbook, An Introduction to Biblical Greek Grammar Workbook reinforces learned key concepts through parsing and translation exercises to aid students in learning first-year biblical Greek.

Based upon twenty years of Greek-teaching experience and the latest developments in linguistics and syntax, An Introduction to Biblical Greek Grammar introduces students to basic linguistic concepts and categories necessary for grasping Greek in ways that are clear and intuitive. This solid linguistic foundation enables students first to internalize key concepts, then to apply and build upon them as more complex ideas are introduced.

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