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Readers Hebrew and Greek Bible, a (European Leather, Black)

Brown II, A Philip|Goodrich, Richard J.|Lukaszewski, Albert L.|Smith, Bryan W.
Zondervan Publishing House
LEATHER ?| 7.1 x 1 x 2.4 Inch| 1.92 kg| 2256 pages| ISBN 9780310325895
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Synopsis: Ideal for students, pastors, and instructors familiar with the biblical languages, A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible saves time and effort in studying the Bible. Definitions for Greek and Hebrew words that occur less frequently appear as footnotes on every page, allowing the user to read the text quickly and to focus on parsing and grammatical issues (rather than paging through lexicons!). Presented in beautiful fine-grain black European leather.

Description: This combined A Reader's Greek New Testament and A Reader’s Hebrew Bible offers the following features: ? Complete text of the Hebrew and Aramaic Bible, using the Westminister Leningrad Codex ? Greek text underlying Today’s New International Version-with footnotes comparing wherever this text is different from the UBS4 text ? Footnoted definitions of all Hebrew words occurring 100 times or less?twenty-five or less for Aramaic words-with context-specific glosses ? Footnoted definitions of all Greek words occurring thirty times or less ? Lexicons of all Hebrew words occurring more than 100 times and Greek words occurring more than thirty times ? Eight pages of full-color maps separate the OT and NT sections Ideal for students, pastors, and instructors, A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible saves time and effort in studying the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament. By eliminating the need to look up definitions, the footnotes allow you to more quickly read the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek text. Featuring fine-grain black European leather binding, A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible is a practical, attractive, and surprisingly affordable resource.

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