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SGBC NT 06: Romans (Story of God Bible Commentary, Vol.6)

Bird, Michael F.
Zondervan Publishing House
HB ?| 6.3 x 9.3 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 640 pages| ISBN 9780310327189
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A new commentary for today’s world, The Story of God Bible Commentary explains and illuminates each passage of Scripture in light of the Bible’s grand story. The first commentary series to do so, SGBC offers a clear and compelling exposition of biblical texts, guiding everyday readers in how to creatively and faithfully live out the Bible in their own contexts. Its story-centric approach is ideal for pastors, students, Sunday school teachers, and laypeople alike.

Three easy-to-use sections designed to help readers live out God’s story:

  • LISTEN to the Story: Includes      complete NIV text with references to other texts at work in each passage,      encouraging the reader to hear it within the Bible’s grand story
  • EXPLAIN the Story: Explores and      illuminates each text as embedded in its canonical and historical setting
  • LIVE the Story: Reflects on how      each text can be lived today and includes contemporary stories and      illustrations to aid preachers, teachers, and students

Praise for SGBC:

“The easy-to-use format and practical guidance brings God’s grand story to modern-day life so anyone can understand how it applies today.”?Andy Stanley

“Opens up the biblical story in ways that move us to act.”?Darrell L. Bock

“It makes the text sing and helps us hear the story afresh.”?John Ortberg

“This commentary breaks new ground.”?Craig L. Blomberg

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