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Qualitative Research in Theological Education: Pedagogy in Practice

Moschella, Mary Clark
SCM-Canterbury Press LTD
PB ?| 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.7 Inch| 1 kg| 288 pages| ISBN 9780334056775
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Qualitative Research in Theological Education brings together a diverse group of scholars to consider the theological values arising from and contributing to their use of qualitative research in scholarship and teaching.

The book offers a careful consideration of the pedagogical and administrative challenges involved in teaching qualitative research and its various sub-disciplines such as ethnography.

As a whole, the book argues that the teaching of QR methods is critical to the theological, ethical, spiritual, and/or pastoral formation of ministers and theological scholars.



Notes on Contributors 

Introduction Mary Clark Moschella 

Part 1 Exemplary Research Essays 

1. Theology as Playbook and Gamefilm: Explaining an Ethnographic Approach to Theology to a Sports-Centred Culture - Todd David Whitmore 

2. Qualitative Methodology and Critical Pedagogy: A Study of the Lived Experiences of Thai Peasants within the Context of Western Development Ideology - Siroj Sorajjakool and Apipa Prachyapruit 

Part 2 Issues in Education and the Practice of Research 

3. Promoting the Good: Ethical and Methodological Considerations in Practical Theological Research - Elaine Graham and Dawn Llewellyn 

4. Between Yes and No: The Inner Journey of Qualitative Research - David M. Csinos 

5. The Askesis of Fieldwork: Practices for a Way of Inquiry, a Way of Life - Todd David Whitmore 

6. Just Don’t Call It ‘Ethnography’: A Critical Ethnographic Pedagogy for Transformative Theological Education - Natalie Wigg-Stevenson 

7. Teaching and Researching Practical Theology: A Liberative Participative Approach to Pedagogy and Qualitative Research - Anthony G. Reddie 

8. I Am Not a Sociologist: Reflections on Sociological Research in Theology - Brett C. Hoover 

9. Teaching Spirituality with Qualitative Research Methods - Boyung Lee 

10. The Researcher as Gamemaker: Teaching Normative Dimensions in Various Phases of Empirical Practical Theological Research - Tone Stangeland Kaufman 

11. Qualitative Research at Emory: Ethnographic Insights and Notes from the Field - Nichole Renee Phillips 

12. Qualitative Research: The Invaluable Tool in Pastoral Ministry - Bernardine Ketelaars 

Part 3 Integrating Qualitative Research into Theological Education 

13.Qualitative Research in Theological Curricula - David M. Mellott 

14. Wonder and the Divine Dance: The Lived Reality of Qualitative Research within a Master of Divinity Curriculum - Joseph (Jody) H. Clarke 

Part 4 Valediction 

15. The Gift and Challenge of Qualitative Methods for Pastoral Formation - Susan Willhauck 

Select Bibliography 

Index of Names and Subjects 

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