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SCM Studyguide: Philosophy and the Christian Faith

Pugh, Ben
SCM-Canterbury Press LTD
PB ?| 6.8 x 9.2 x 0.7 Inch| 1 kg| 288 pages| ISBN 9780334057109
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For most of us, learning abstract philosophical concepts involves literally learning a new language, a language that the initiated converse in with ease but which leaves the rest of us baffled.

The SCM Study Guide to Philosophy and the Christian Faith aims to meet a need for an accessible treatment of the intersection between philosophy and theology. It deals with some of the loftiest concepts ever conceived by the human race, and yet makes these concepts easy to grasp and applicable. 

This study guide will provide students with an overview of the history of Western philosophy, equipping them to understand more deeply the culture-shaping beliefs that are driving the kinds of questions, both past and present, which our culture brings to the Christian faith.

All the way through there will be breaks to consider discussion questions or to go over the terminology. It is a must-have primer.

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