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LNTS (JSNTSup) 587: Muted Voices of the New Testament: Readings in the Catholic Epistles and Hebrews

Hockey, Katherine M.(ed)|Pierce, Madison N.(ed)
Bloomsbury T&T Clark
HB ?| 0 x 0 x 0 Inch| 2.2 kg| 224 pages| ISBN 9780567667786
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Pauline- and Gospel-centred readings have too long provided the normative understanding of Christian identity. The chapters in this volume features evidence from other, less-frequently studied texts, so as to broaden perspectives on early Christian identity. Each chapter in the collection focuses on one or more of the later New Testament epistles and answers one of the following questions: what did/do these texts uniquely contribute to Christian identity? How does the author frame or shape identity? What are the potential results of the identities constructed in these texts for early Christian communities? What are the influences of these texts on later Christian identity?

Together these chapters contribute fresh insights through innovative research, furthering the discussion on the theological and historical importance of these texts within the canon. The distinguished list of contributors includes: Richard Bauckham, David G. Horrell, Francis Watson, and Robert W. Wall.


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1. Introduction ? Katherine M. Hockey, Madison N. Pierce and Francis Watson
2. Tradition and Innovation: Reassessing 1 Peter's Contributions to the Making of Christian Identity ? David G. Horrell
3. 1 Peter 4.16: Shame, Emotion, and Christian Self-Perception ? Katherine M. Hockey
4. Building a Holy House: Identity Formation in the Community Rule, 4QFlorilegium, and 1 Peter - 2.4-10 - Katie Marcar
5. Identity, Eschatology and Ethics in 2 Peter 2.17-22 - Scott Hafemann
6. 'From the Beginning': The Formation of an Apostolic Christian Identity in 2 Peter and 1-3 John - David R. Nienhuis
7. Remember: 'Jesus Saved a People out of Egypt' - Ruth Anne Reese
8. Messianic Jewish Identity in James - Richard Bauckham
9. 'Every Perfect Gift': James, Paul and the Created Order - Francis Watson
10. 'Handsome is...': Profiling the Children of God in 1 John - Wendy E.S. North
11. Wilderness Identity and Pentateuchal Narrative: Distinguishing Between Jesus' Inauguration and Maintenance of the New Covenant in Hebrews - David M. Moffitt
12. Hebrews 3.7-4.11 and the Spirit's Speech to the Community - Madison N. Pierce
13. 'In' or 'Near'? Heavenly Access and Christian Identity in Hebrews ? Nicholas J. Moore
14. Epilogue: A Reflection ? Robert W. Wall
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