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Encountering the Living God in Scripture: Theological and Philosophical Principles for Interpretation

Wright, William M.|Martin, Francis
Baker Academic
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0.7 Inch| 1 kg| 272 pages| ISBN 9780801030956
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This work gives a philosophical and theological account of the belief that Scripture enables people to encounter the life-giving reality of God. The authors examine the biblical foundations for this belief as given in a variety of witnesses from both Testaments and explain the philosophical and theological underpinnings of Christian exegesis. What results is a contemporary statement of the traditional belief that Scripture can put its readers in transforming contact with the living God.

Encountering the Living God in Scripture sums up and makes accessible the teaching of revered senior scholar and teacher Francis Martin. Aimed squarely at students, the book assumes no advanced training in philosophy or theology and will work well in Bible, interpretation, and doctrine of Scripture courses.


Foreword by Robert Sokolowski
Part 1: Fides
1. The Word of God: Power and Presence
2. The Word of God in the Inspired Speech of the Prophets
3. The Word of God in the Inspired Speech of the Apostles
4. The Word of God in Inspired Written Discourse
Conclusion to Part 1
Part 2: Quaerens Intellectum
5. God and the World: The Distinction
6. The Metaphysics of the Created World
7. Creation, the Bible, and the Question of Transcendence
8. Creation and the Communion of Mind, Words, and World
9. The Mediation of Divine Reality through the Biblical Text
10. Encountering the Living God in Scripture: The Holy Spirit and Spirituality
Conclusion to Part 2
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