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Reformed Dogmatics, Abridged Ed.: Abridged in One Volume

Bavinck, Herman(ed)|Bolt, John(ed)
Baker Academic (Short Discount)
HB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 912 pages| ISBN 9780801036484
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본서는 Herman Bavinck의 개혁신학을 한 권으로 요약하여 출판한 책이다. 1부에서 서론으로서 교의신학 입문을 다루며 동시에 학문으로서의 교의신학, 교의신학의 역사와 문서들, 교의신학의 토대들, 계시, 성경, 신앙을 포함하고 있다. 2부에서 삼위일체 하나님과 창조를 다루면서 하나님을 아는 지식, 살아계셔서 활동하시는 하나님, 삼위일체 하나님과 그의 섭리, 천지창조를 포함한다. 3부에서 인간과 죄를 다루면서 하나님의 형상, 타락한 세상, 죄와 그 결과를 포함한다. 4부에서 구속주로서의 그리스도를 다루면서 아버지의 외아들, 종으로서의 구주, 승천하신 주 그리스도를 포함한다. 5부에서 성령과 그리스도 안에서의 구원을 다루면서 구원의 질서, 소명과 중생, 신앙과 회심, 의인과 성화와 견인(堅忍)을 포함한다. 6부에서 영이 새로운 공동체를 창조하신다를 다루면서 영적 현실로서의 교회, 은혜의 영적 수단들을 포함한다. 7부에서 영은 모든 것을 새롭게 하신다를 다루면서 중간상태, 그리스도의 재림, 완성 등을 포함한다. YGM

Herman Bavinck's four-volume Reformed Dogmatics is one of the most important theological works of the twentieth century. The recently completed English translation has received wide acclaim. Now John Bolt, one of the world's leading experts on Bavinck and editor of Bavinck's four-volume set, has abridged the work in one volume, offering students, pastors, and lay readers an accessible summary of Bavinck's masterwork. This volume presents the core of Bavinck's thought and offers explanatory material, making available to a wider audience some of the finest Dutch Reformed theology ever written.


Part I: Prolegomena: Introduction to Dogmatic Theology
1. Dogmatic Theology as a Science
2. The History and Literature of Dogmatic Theology
3. Foundations of Dogmatic Theology
4. Revelation
5. Holy Scripture
6. Faith
Part II: The Triune God and Creation
7. Knowing God
8. The Living, Acting God
9. The Triune God and His Counsel
10. Creator of Heaven and Earth
Part III: Humanity and Sin
11. The Image of God
12. The Fallen World
13. Sin and Its Consequences
Part IV: Christ the Redeemer
14. The Only-Begotten Son of the Father
15. The Servant Savior: Christ's Humiliation
16. The Exalted Lord Christ
Part V: The Holy Spirit and Salvation in Christ
17. The Order of Salvation
18. Calling and Regeneration
19. Faith and Conversion
20. Justification, Sanctification, and Perseverance
Part VI: The Spirit Creates a New Community
21. The Church as a Spiritual Reality
22. The Spirit's Means of Grace
Part VII: The Spirit Makes All Things New
23. The Intermediate State
24. The Return of Christ
25. The Consummation
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LaBible's Review


Praise for Reformed Dogmatics

"Bavinck was a man of giant mind, vast learning, ageless wisdom, and great expository skill. Solid but lucid, demanding but satisfying, broad and deep and sharp and stabilizing, Bavinck's magisterial Reformed Dogmatics remains after a century the supreme achievement of its kind."--J. I. Packer, Regent College

"Finally Bavinck becomes available to the English-speaking world. The Dutch version has been a constant stimulus for students, pastors, and other interested Christians. It has shaped generations of theologians and helped them to preach, think, and act on a fresh, Reformed basis. The strength of Bavinck's dogmatics is that it's neither conservative nor progressive, but its biblical character makes it constantly up-to-date."--Herman Selderhuis, Theologische Universiteit Appeldoorn

"What a wonderful gift to the English-speaking theological world! The topics explored by Bavinck are still of the utmost importance, and he addresses them here in a theological voice that is amazingly fresh."--Richard J. Mouw, Fuller Theological Seminary

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