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Judges and Ruth (Teach the Text Commentary) (PB)

Way, Kenneth C.
Baker Books (Short Discount)
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 272 pages| ISBN 9780801092152
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Focused Biblical Scholarship to Teach the Text Effectively

The Teach the Text Commentary Series gives pastors the best of biblical scholarship and presents the information needed to move seamlessly from the meaning of the text to its effective communication. By providing focused commentary, this volume allows pastors to quickly grasp the most important information. Each unit of the commentary includes the big idea and key themes of the passage and sections dedicated to understanding, teaching, and illustrating the text.

Judges covers a dark time in Israel's history, and the narrative often leaves the reader shocked at the actions of God's people. In spite of Israel's unfaithfulness, God remains faithful. He, not the leaders he raises up, is the hero of the story. Way helps the reader understand this perplexing text, using two interpretive questions: What is wrong with this picture? Where is God in this story?

Concurrent with the time of the judges, Ruth provides a counterbalance to the darkness of Judges, showing there were still people who kept the covenant. But it too is a story about God--his love, loyalty, and compassion--and of how he paved the way for King David and, ultimately, Jesus.

"Outstanding. Readers will benefit greatly from the numerous important insights into the original meaning of these books as well as the many practical applications for Christian living. Very readable, this impressive volume is a must-have commentary."--K. Lawson Younger Jr., professor of Old Testament, Semitic languages, and ancient Near Eastern history, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Concise and well-written. The unique conventions of the Teach the Text Commentary Series--such as highlighting big ideas and key themes and giving guidance on teaching and illustrating the text--will make this commentary very helpful to those involved in a regular teaching ministry."--Clinton E. Arnold, dean and professor of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

"Kenneth Way makes both the literary form and the message of the books of Judges and Ruth accessible to lay readers and anyone else who seeks to study the books in greater detail. Both author and publisher are to be commended for this fine volume."--Daniel I. Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College
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