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Pastor as Public Theologian: Reclaiming a Lost Vision (HB)

Vanhoozer, Kevin J. | 케빈 밴후저|Strachan, Owen
Baker Academic
HB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 2 kg| 240 pages| ISBN 9780801097713
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Many pastors today see themselves primarily as counselors, leaders, and motivators. Yet this often comes at the expense of the fundamental reality of the pastorate as a theological office. The most important role is to be a theologian mediating God to the people; the church needs pastors who can contextualize the Word of God to help their congregations think theologically about all aspects of their lives, such as work, end-of-life decisions, political involvement, and entertainment.

Drawing on the Bible, key figures from church history, and Christian theology, this book offers a clarion call for pastors to serve as public theologians in their congregations and communities. It is designed to be engaging reading for busy pastors and includes pastoral reflections on the theological task by twelve working pastors, including Kevin DeYoung and Cornelius Plantinga.


Preface Owen Strachan and Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Introduction: Pastors, Theologians, and Other Public Figures    Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Pastoral Perspectives
Six Practical Steps toward Being a Pastor-Theologian    Gerald Hiestand
Seven Ways to Theologize as a Pastor    Josh Moody
Part 1: Biblical Theology and Historical Theology
1. Of Prophets, Priests, and Kings: A Brief Biblical Theology of the Pastorate    Owen Strachan
Pastoral Perspectives
The Pastor as Public Theologian    Melvin Tinker
Human Origins: A Test Case for Pastor-Theologians    Todd Wilson
A Practical Theology of Technology    Jim Samra
2. Of Scholars and Saints: A Brief History of the Pastorate    Owen Strachan
Pastoral Perspectives
How the Theology of Saving Faith Has Affected My Congregation    Wesley G. Pastor
A Place for Truth    Kevin DeYoung
Part 2: Systematic and Practical Theology
3. In the Evangelical Mood: The Purpose of the Pastor-Theologian    Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Pastoral Perspectives
On Death    David Gibson
Preaching the Doctrine of the Gospel as Truth, Goodness, and Beauty    Bill Kynes
Reading for Pastors    Cornelius Plantinga Jr.
4. Artisans in the House of God: The Practices of the Pastor-Theologian    Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Pastoral Perspectives
The Drama of Preaching    Guy A. Davies
The Pastor-Theologian as Pulpit Apologist    Jason B. Hood
Conclusion: Fifty-Five Summary Theses on the Pastor as Public Theologian    Kevin J. Vanhoozer
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