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Gods Messiah in the Old Testament: Expectations of a Coming King

Abernethy, Andrew T., and Gregory Goswell
Baker Academic
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0.76 Inch| 0.67 kg| 304 pages| ISBN 9780801099755
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Christians who open the Old Testament expecting to find promises of a royal Messiah on every page often end up perplexed. Where is the Messiah and how does he fit within the wider vision of the Old Testament and its books?

Addressing a topic of perennial interest and foundational significance, this volume offers a fresh, comprehensive treatment of the messiah theme throughout the entire Old Testament and examines its relevance for New Testament interpretation. Andrew Abernethy and Gregory Goswell explore what the Old Testament actually says about the Messiah, divine kingship, and the kingdom of God. They also offer a nuanced understanding of how New Testament authors make use of Old Testament messianic texts in explaining who Jesus is and what he came to do. The result is a multifaceted, panoramic view of God's intention to involve a royal Messiah in the establishment of his kingdom.

1. The Seed, the Star, and the Template in the Pentateuch
2. The Need for a King in Judges
3. The Book of Ruth and the House of David
4. The Heart of Kingship in 1-2 Samuel
5. Failure and the Royal Ideal in 1-2 Kings
6. Royal Messianic Expectations in Isaiah
7. The Death and Rebirth of Kingship in Jeremiah
8. The Prince Forecast in Ezekiel
9. Kingship for a United Nation in Hosea
10. David's Booth in Amos
11. Davidic Rule in Micah
12. The Sprout, the Divine Shepherd, and the Messenger in Zechariah and Malachi
13. The Portrait of David in the Psalter
14. Where Is David in the Book of Daniel?
15. Kingship and the Temple in 1-2 Chronicles
16. Looking Forward to the New Testament
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