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Holding Faith: A Practical Introduction to Christian Doctrine

Rigby, Cynthia L.
Abingdon Press
PB ?| 6 x 8.8 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 408 pages| ISBN 9781426758140
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Theology matters - to our lives, and to the life of the world.

Luther once wrote: “Faith takes hold of Christ and has Him present, enclosing Him as the ring encloses the gem.” The idea that we hold faith because faith holds us, and that faith holds us because faith holds Christ, is vital. We hold faith as we seek to know Christ better, exploring Christian doctrines and deepening our understanding of the impact and relevance to our day-to-day lives. Faith holds us as we respond to Christ’s calling, negotiate life’s challenges, and join in the work of bringing in God’s kingdom.

The book conveys the content of core Christian doctrines and then addresses the “so what?” of each, its take away, how it matters to our everyday living, and how it shapes our spiritual and ethical practices. Using theological literature and Scripture but also current events, sociology, fiction, and movies, the author shows that theology matters. It matters to our lives and it matters to the life of the world. How we understand theology and its core beliefs has an impact on who we know ourselves to be and how we relate to God and to one another. Holding Faith concretely shows how various and diverse understandings of particular doctrines play out in relation to the way lives are lived and ethical systems put forward. It holds that some approaches to Christian doctrine are preferable to others, making persuasive arguments for better approaches.

Scripture is consistently used and sourced throughout the book as arguments are developed.

Table of Contents:

Part One:  Speaking of God
Chapter One - How Can We Speak of God?  The Doctrine of Revelation
Chapter Two - Where Do We Find the Right Words to Say?  The Doctrine of Scripture

Part Two:  God Meets Us
Chapter Three - Where Does God Meet Us?  The Doctrine of the Incarnation
Chapter Four - In What Ways Does God Claim Us?  The Doctrine of the Trinity

Part Three:  God Makes Us
Chapter Five - Who Did God Create Us to Be? The Doctrines of Creation & Fall
Chapter Six  - Who Is God Making Us Into?  The Doctrine of Sin & Redemption

Part Four:  God Blesses Us
Chapter Seven - Where Is Our Home?  The Doctrine of the Church.   
Chapter Eight - What Does It Mean to Be God’s Children?  The Doctrine of the Christian Life.

Part Five:  God Sends Us
Chapter Nine - Where Are We Headed?  The Doctrine of Christian Hope.
Chapter Ten - What Are We Called to Do?  The Doctrine of Christian Vocation.

Conclusion:  Living Faith

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