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Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology

Moreland, J. P.
Crossway Books
PB ?| 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.6 Inch| 1 kg| 224 pages| ISBN 9781433556906
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Rigid adherence to scientism--as opposed to a healthy respect for science--is all too prevalent in our world today. Rather than leading to a deeper understanding of our universe, this worldview actually undermines real science and marginalizes morality and religion.

In this book, celebrated philosopher J. P. Moreland exposes the selfdefeating nature of scientism and equips us to recognize scientism’s harmful presence in different aspects of culture, emboldening our witness to biblical Christianity and arming us with strategies for the integration of faith and science--the only feasible path to genuine knowledge.


Table of Contents:

Tables and Illustrations
Foreword by Dan Egeler

1. The (Scientistic) Air We Breathe

2. Why Scientism Matters

3. How Scientism Changed the Universities

4. Scientism Is Self-Refuting

5. Scientism Is the Enemy of Science

6. Why Weak Scientism Is No Better Than Strong Scientism

7. The Availability of Nonscientific Knowledge

8. When Science Exceeds Its Reach: A Case Study

9. Scientism and First Philosophy

10. Examples of the Authority and Autonomy Theses

11. How Do We Explain Things?

12. Five Things Science Cannot In Principle Explain (But Theism Can)

13. Methodological Naturalism, Theistic Evolution, and Intelligent Design

14. The Importance of Integrating Christianity and Science

15. A Plan for the Integration of Christianity and Science

One Final Plea
Selected Bibliography

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