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Bible History ABCs: Gods Story from A to Z

Nichols, Stephen J. | 스테판 J. 니콜스
Crossway Books
HB ?| 8 x 8 x 0.3 Inch| 2 kg| 60 pages| ISBN 9781433564376
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The Story of God's Promises from A to Z

For kids to understand the Bible, they need to see it as one story--God?셲 story of keeping his promises throughout history. This book for kids ages 3?? follows the timeline of the Bible from A to Z--beginning with Adam, the first man God created, and ending with Zion, the new creation city.

Each letter briefly introduces an important concept from the story of the Bible, and is accompanied by corresponding Scripture passages, whimsical illustrations, and images of classical fine art from church history--all to help children see how their lives are part of the bigger story God is telling through the Bible.

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