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Soteriological Use of Call by Paul and Luke (Series: Australian College of Theology Monograph Series)

Hussey, Ian
Wipf & Stock
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0 Inch| 1 kg| 138 pages| ISBN 9781532649004
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The congruence of the theology of Paul and Luke is a matter of debate. In particular, according to many scholars, the soteriologies of Paul and Luke are divergent. This volume argues that the usage of καλ?ω language by both Paul and Luke suggests that it may be a common element in their soteriologies. The author demonstrates that καλ?ω language is an important concept in the soteriologies of Luke and Paul and that although there are contrasts, there are a number of points of comparison. Crucial to this common understanding is the association of καλ?ω language with the OT covenants, election, covenant meals, and an expectation of the eschatological banquet. As a result of this prominent and consistent usage by Paul and Luke, the language of καλ?ω deserves a higher place in the Christian understanding of salvation. This has implications for Christian life and practice.

Ian Hussey is the Director of Postgraduate Studies at Malyon College, Brisbane, Australia, where he teaches New Testament, preaching, pastoral leadership, and research methods. He has degrees in science, education, theology, and management. His other research interests include church vitality and theological education. He recently co-edited Theological Education: Foundations, Practices and Future Directions (2018), with Andrew M. Bain in the ACT Monograph Series also published through Wipf & Stock.


Endorsements & Reviews

“Ian Hussey has composed a remarkable volume on the theme of ‘call’ in the theologies of Luke and Paul, noting above all the relative parity of their positions, but also stressing the importance of call in a doctrine of salvation. Hussey makes a robust contribution to debates about the congruence, or lack thereof, between Luke and Paul and demonstrates how the theme of a call relates to wider biblical ideas connected to election, covenant, kingdom, hope, transformation, ethics, and community. An important work that fills in a gap in most theologies of salvation.”

?Michael F. Bird, Melbourne, Australia

“In this insightful and engaging study, Ian Hussey shows that καλ?ω is a significant soteriological concept for both Luke and Paul. By focusing on this overlooked dimension of their respective soteriologies, Hussey not only deepens our understanding of Luke and Paul’s views about salvation but also shows how much they have in common. This study is highly recommended as a window onto wide-ranging and important themes within the theology of the New Testament.”

?Paul Trebilco, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
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