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Biblical Theology of Hebrews

Kennard, Douglas W.
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PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0.4 Inch| 1 kg| 186 pages| ISBN 9781532664564
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Using a biblical theology method, this book reflects the content of the epistle of Hebrews within its Jewish-Christian context. Within Jewish monotheism, a Two Powers Christology is championed to float a simple missional Trinitarianism. Jesus Christ is also presented as a superior prophet, Davidic king, and Melchizedek priest. Christ initiates the new covenant with his very Jewish atonement in the Day of Atonement pattern, ultimately perfecting believers’ conscience (as an Edwardsian Religious Affection) and providing everlasting forgiveness. This provision initiates the believer on a new exodus toward the celestial city within a two-way soteriological framework. To make it to that heavenly goal, the believer must continue in faith. Those who are faithful already begin to experience rest in this life as a foretaste of the kingdom rest to come, when Christ brings in eschatological salvation.

“This work is not a commentary, but a fast-paced, tightly written thematic theology of Hebrews, which sets it within Jewish interpretive traditions?especially that of Qumran?yet at the same time integrates both ancient and especially contemporary philosophy with this very exegetical, biblical theology. It is indeed a unique work that will interest those grappling with this fascinating piece of New Testament literature.”

?Peter Davids, Priest-in-Residence, St. Clare Monastery

Douglas W. Kennard is a professor of Christian Scriptures at the Houston Graduate School of Theology. He is the author of The Gospel (2017), Epistemology and Logic in the New Testament (2016), Biblical Covenantalism (2015, three volumes), A Critical Realist’s Theological Method (2013), Messiah Jesus: Christology in His Day and Ours (2008), The Relationship Between Epistemology, Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology and Contextualization (1999), The Classical Christian God (2002), and, with Marv Pate, Deliverance Now and Not Yet (2003).


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