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Leadership in Christian Perspective: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Practices for Servant Leaders

Irving, Justin A.|Strauss, Mark L.
Baker Academic
PB ?| 6 x 9 x 0.6 Inch| 1 kg| 240 pages| ISBN 9781540960337
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This book brings the best of leadership theory and research together with biblical reflection and examples of leadership in action to offer a practical guide to Christian leaders.

Combining expertise in leadership studies and biblical studies, Justin Irving and Mark Strauss explore how leadership models have moved from autocratic and paternalistic leader-centered models toward an increased focus on followers. The authors show how contemporary theories such as transformational leadership, authentic leadership, and servant leadership take an important step toward prioritizing and empowering followers who work with leaders to accomplish organizational goals. Irving and Strauss organize their book around "nine empowering practices," making it accessible to students, church leaders, and business leaders.

Integrating solid research in leadership studies with biblical and theological reflection on the leadership ideas that are most compatible with Christian faith, this book is an important resource for all Christian students of leadership.


Introduction: A Fresh Look at Empowering Leadership
Part 1: Beginning with Authentic and Purposeful Leaders
1. Modeling What Matters
2. Engaging in Honest Self-Evaluation
3. Fostering Collaboration
Part 2: Understanding the Priority of People
4. Valuing and Appreciating
5. Creating a Place for Individuality
6. Understanding Relational Skills
Part 3: Navigating toward Effectiveness
7. Communicating with Clarity
8. Providing Accountability
9. Supporting and Resourcing
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