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Jesus and the Forces of Death: The Gospels Portrayal of Ritual Impurity within First-Century Judaism

Thiessen, Matthew
Baker Academic
HB ?| 6.2 x 9 x 1 Inch| 0.53 kg| 256 pages| ISBN 9781540961945
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Although most people acknowledge that Jesus was a first-century Jew, interpreters of the Gospels often present him as opposed to Jewish law and customs--especially when considering his numerous encounters with the ritually impure. Matthew Thiessen corrects this popular misconception by placing Jesus within the Judaism of his day. Thiessen demonstrates that the Gospel writers depict Jesus opposing ritual impurity itself, not the Jewish ritual purity system or the Jewish law.

This fresh interpretation of significant passages from the Gospels shows that throughout his life, Jesus destroys forces of death and impurity while upholding the Jewish law. Professors, students, and scholars of Jesus and the New Testament will value this work.

1. Mapping Jesus's World
2. Jesus in a World of Ritual Impurity
3. Jesus and the Walking Dead
4. Jesus and the Dead Womb
5. Jesus and the Dead
6. Jesus and Demonic Impurity
7. Jesus, Healing, and the Sabbath Life
Appendix: Jesus and the Dietary Laws
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